Children's shoe manufacturer RICOSTA fosters creativity

The children's footwear manufacturer RICOSTA is known outside of Germany for its creative and innovative design.

With the brand collections of RICOSTA and PEPINO, the company ensures that small feet around the world can grow up in good health. Our corporate philosophy includes active support for young talent. In the course of a trainee programme, Sabrina Baur and Marco Salvadè – both participating in a three-year vocational training program to become shoe technicians – were given the task of developing a design concept for the target group of "boys, ages six to ten". Following an in-depth analysis of the current collection, they had to develop a shoe style, select colours and materials and use their training to make a unique pair of shoes each.

Those two pairs of shoes, made by the trainees from cutting to soling, clearly show the great creativity of the young employees. The result  – cool sneakers with light-coloured soles and fashionable details – was recognized by RICOSTA management.

The three-year training program teaches young shoe technicians how to produce a shoe with industrial methods. Apart from many manual techniques such as sewing on the industrial sewing machine, the trainees also learn how to work with the industry's latest software. A shoe technician's basic competences include artisanal skills, creativity and responsible use of materials and resources. RICOSTA is currently training six shoe technicians. Trainees do practical work in Donaueschingen and the programme also gives them a chance to learn about production abroad, where they complete several projects.